graphicjam-websiteThe Way We Were

In the beginning we did CD Cover work for Sony and BMG. Newspapers for The Toronto Humane Society and The Hamilton Tiger Cats. Then a NEW media hit – The Internet. Nothing would ever be the same again.

We started small – working for the company Internet Direct – one of Toronto’s first ISP’s that had a user base of 20,000 members. Through our innovative, approachable and easy to understand branding (The iDirect Baby “So easy – it’s child’s play!”) as well as a few shake the foundation ad campaigns (“The others cut their rates – we slashed ours – with Nash the Slash) – we grew that userbase to 200,000 then to over a million!

From there we did TUCOWS -1998 to 2002. (All packaging, branding, websites ) and as well as stints working for Bell, Sprint, Microsoft, City TV, Verio and McDonalds.

In recent years we have focused on empowering our partners – working virtually through email – and helping them create new and exciting ventures.